Wild, crazy, lovable Lojse. This lovely little Icelandic mare became my dear friend a year ago or so.. We bonded while a wire was wrapped around her rear leg. I have no idea how she got caught up in the wire, but I noticed upon arrival to see my two horses, that she was unable to leave where she was standing and the other horses were standing around watching. Hmm. Something wasn’t right. The place next door to where I board my horses (a horse paradise I might add) has three Icelandic horses and two Fjord horses–one was a baby at the time. I held Lojse while my sister trotted back and forth to the barn (it was hot and she nearly collapsed from the exhaustion and heat) to find something suitable to cut the wire loose. In the meantime, I had called they lady who takes care of my boys, but she was 30 minutes away!! I kept this brave little mare calm by talking to her and giving her treats. I couldn’t let her get excited or the wire would have cut right through her leg. My sister was unable to find a tool to cut the wire, so I had to wait for the horse caregiver. She finally arrived and she found a big ole wire cutter in the garage-a bit of a hike to where the horses were. She carefully cut the wire loose as I held Lojse and after the wire was off, we examined her leg. She had swelling, but no major cuts. The vet came out and said she has some pretty good bruising, but will be fine in a week or two. Wild, crazy lovable Lojse.

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